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D.A. Lampe Construction was established in 1993. We have secured a reputation for excellent quality work and customer satisfaction to the extent that we are often asked to perform negotiated contracts without competition. There are two primary reasons for our success: HONESTY and HARD WORK; honesty with owners and inspectors, honesty between co-workers, and honesty between management and labor. Honesty leads to trust, and when we trust one another we become a team working toward the goal of completing a project. Construction is hard work. We give 100% every day knowing that if we work hard, we will realize the goal of happy customers and a project we can be proud of.

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We are highly trained craftsmen from rural Northern California specializing in unique, technically demanding projects. Our approach emphasizes detailed planning, engineering excellence, efficient project execution, and the highest levels of safety to ensure that the public and our environment are protected.

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